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Where to buy Travertine pavers

I thought I would blog about a question we’ve been receiving calls about on a daily basis lately. That question is, “where to buy travertine pavers”. I’m sure you can imagine why we’re not chomping at the bit to share our sources – at least not in areas we install travertine. If you’ve done your research then I’m sure you’re aware there is a substantial difference between the different quality grades of travertine. The higher grades are RARELY sold through online suppliers as these suppliers know that people buy from them because they have the cheapest prices. In order to have the cheapest prices, you typically don’t have the best quality – at least in the natural stone world. This makes it very difficult to find high quality travertine in areas like Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, etc. Basically, most of the US.

We’re offering travertine installation in South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina during the months of December, January and February.

It’s taken us some time to search out and find the best sources for turkish travertine pavers. It’s certainly not the cheapest, but definitely among the highest quality travertine you’ll find anywhere in the states. This being said, we’re very hesitant to give out our sources to anyone located within our working area. If you’re located outside of the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio vicinity we would be happy to help you buy travertine through our sources, however, we currently don’t have the capability to assist via telephone which is why I’m doing this in an attempt to cut back on the calls.

Here’s what we’re willing to do. So that we can verify that you’re not located in our region, please give us your contact information below and we’ll reply with our suppliers information.

Our supplier is willing to direct ship to the following areas: Chicago IL and most of Illinois, Detroit MI and most of Michigan, Toledo OH, Cleveland OH, St Louis MO and most of Missouri, Indianapolis IN and most of Indiana, Milwaukee WI and most of Wisconsin, Minneapolis MN and most of Minnesota, Wichita KS and most of Kansas, Louisville KY and most of Kentucky,  Charleston WV and most of West Virginia, Pittsburgh PA and most of Pennsylvania, Baltimore MD and most of Maryland, Charlotte NC and most of North Carolina, Columbia SC and most of South Carolina, Atlanta GA and most of Georgia, Memphis TN and most of Tennessee, Dallas TX and most of Texas. If you’re city or area isn’t listed, it’s just because our supplier doesn’t have calculated rates for your area. They can still ship to you, they just won’t get as good of a freight rate as the areas listed above.

If you would like to know how to install travertine pavers, click here.