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Two Brothers Pavers and Pools


For more than 15 years, Two Brothers Pavers and Pools has been acknowledged throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus regions as a pioneer in paver and natural stone installation and design techniques. 

Our industry, the hardscape industry, has lagged behind most other industries in that there aren’t any governing bodies overseeing the design and construction of most paver and hardscape projects. This has led to companies entering the industry underqualified and inexperienced. 

As a consumer, you have little to no way to tell how capable a specific company is for your project and no city or building department will be inspecting your project to make sure it’s built correctly. For these reasons, you can not put project price as a determining factor when selecting a paver or hardscape contractor. 

Two Brothers Pavers and Pools has been focused on quality installation methods above all else. This has allowed us to be selected by architects and engineers to build projects like the following.

Residential Paver Installation

Even though our capabilities land us on high-end commercial installations like the above projects, our passion is desinging and installing residential outdoor living spaces. This is the area that we find the most enjoyment and satisfaction from our work.

We enjoy the complete process starting with working to understand a client’s ideas and goals for an outdoor living space. Followed by putting those ideas on paper to establish a common understanding and then implementing those ideas and watching it all come together for our client. 

If there’s one reason why you should choose to hire Two Brothers Pavers and Pools to design and build your paver patio and outdoor living space it’s because we encompass the perfect balance of quality of design and quality of installation. Often, a contractor will be great at building a paver patio to last a long time, but the design and materials used are dated. On the other hand, often times a contractor may be great at creating a concept, but the patio doesn’t last.

We would love to work with you to design the perfect outdoor living space for your home and for your family to enjoy.