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Hardscape Insider by Mark Rhodus

Hardscape Insider from Mark Rhodus – $24 Per Month

I’ll teach you how to grow your hardscape business by sending you detailed step-by-step instruction manuals on a monthly basis.

The first manual you’ll receive will show you step-by-step how I got $200k worth of projects from this year alone.

About Me

I’m Mark Rhodus, President of Two Brothers Brick Paving, LLC. I’ve grown my company from a part time gig to one of the largest residential hardscape companies in the country. But that’s not what I pride myself in.

When I started my company in the early 2000’s, I had just left one of the most well known/largest paver installation companies in the country; led by probably the most influential individuals in the hardscape industry. Let’s just say, working for Bill Schneider has been the equivalent of getting a MBA in hardscaping. I learned the fundamentals of proper paver installation, and probably more important I learned how to make money from it and how to do it right.

I’ve since taken that fundamental knowledge, that you can’t buy anywhere, and built my business to what it is now.

I’ve been featured in magazines like Landscape Architect Business Magazine  and Turf Design Build Magazine.

Key points I’ll be discussing – Step by Step Instructions:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get leads from your website (We get over 100 leads per month)
  • How to present your website to attract quality leads for the type of jobs you want to get
  • How much you should be getting for hardscape projects – I’ll actually show pricing from our own projects
  • Fields tips on how to increase productivity
  • Appointment etiquette – I’ll explain what your customer sees
  • How to make designs that sell projects
  • How to get leads from Facebook, Instagram and more
  • How to get more followers on Facebook and other social networks
  • Some tricks of the trade I learned while working for the largest paver installer in the country

I’ll show you how we get leads from our website and show you step-by-step how to do it for your landscape or hardscape company in your town. Here is an example of our website in Google

landscaping seo

I’ll also show you how we get leads from Facebook and Instagram

landscaping instagram
landscaping facebook

Project Pricing

Landscape and Hardscape Contract

I’ll share our contracts with you. I’ll show you pictures of projects and share with you exactly how much we were paid for that project. I’ll show you how to estimate projects and how to keep track of hours using Google Docs. I’ll teach you how to bid projects and how to find projects that are the most profitable.

Sales Automation

Landscape Contact Form

I’m going to teach you how we automate the sales process. I’ll show you how to build a contact form, just like the one below, for your website.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to set up a contact form like this one on your website, so that when a potential client fills it out all of their information is sent over to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool – which I’ll show you how to set up) so that you have it forever. From there you can schedule calls, appointments, add notes, upload contracts to store with that client and have it easily accessible from your smartphone.

CRM for Landscapers

I’ll even show you how to sync up your smartphone calendar to your new CRM calendar so that you’ll get an appointment reminder before the appointment so you’ll never miss another appointment again.

Landscape Calendar

I’ll help you look extremely professional by showing you step-by-step how to send out an automatic “Thank you” reply email the second a potential client fills out your new contact form. I’ll show you the exact email we send out, word-for-word. Our introductory email eliminates the price shoppers and makes us look extremely professional to the clients we really want.

Get Started

$65 per year might seem like a lot if you’re just starting your business, but I promise you all of this works – and, if it’s easy to get everyone would be doing this, which wouldn’t be good for you. You’ll be leaps ahead of your competition and your clients will be amazed at how organized and professional you are. Best of all you’ll be getting high quality, pre-qualified leads and you’ll know exactly how to price projects so that you make money.

If this sounds like something that could help you grow your business and become more organized without hiring more people, the next step is to sign up for the free first issue below. I’ll give you the first issue free, which discusses how we leveraged to win $200k worth of business this year alone – and the year isn’t over yet.

How to get leads from Houzz


Details and How to Sign Up for the Hardscape Insider

I’m currently delivering the Hardscape Insider Newsletter via Mail Chimp (email newsletter).


I’m currently giving away the first issue free so that you can get an idea of whether or not this newsletter will benefit your company. Please sign up below to get started.

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