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Two Brothers Pavers and Pools


Q: What kind of projects do you build?

A: We specialize in Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces including paver patios, paver driveways, paver pool decks, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and pergolas. We’ve partnered with specialists to offer patio roofs and patio rooms along side our hardscape. You can visit our Facebook Photo Gallery for a sample of our extensive portfolio.

Q: Do you offer designs?

A: : Absolutely. We take the design process very seriously. During our initial meeting, we will be asking you several questions that will help us develop your profile. We try to fully understand each clients needs and objectives prior to starting a design.

Q: How do I start the process to build a new Outdoor Living Space?

A: The best way to start is by giving us your information via our contact form. We will contact you and ask a few questions to find more out about the type of project you’re interested in. We then set an appointment to ask you detailed questions about your desires, expectations and budget for the project so that we can go back and create a custom design tailored to your needs. Once we have the design complete, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to present our design and budget to you.. The timeframe from the first call to a signed contract usually entails a few meetings and phone calls over the course of a few weeks.

Q: What can I expect to invest to build a “Two Brothers Brick Paving Outdoor Living Space?”

A: Our projects range from the $8k-$50k to several hundred thousand depending on the scope of the project and the owner’s desires.

Q: How can I pay for the Outdoor Living Space?

A: We will agree on a payment schedule. This typically is broken into two payments, however, larger projects can include 4 or more payments during the project. If you’re interested in financing this project, we can help you with that too. From time to time, we’re able to offer financing promotions like No Interest for 6, 12, or 18 months.

Q: Do you use your own employees or use subcontractors?

A: We use 100% of our own trained employees to install hardscapes. There are specialized trades such as electric and gas for which we are not licensed, but we do have licensed subcontractors who we can recommend and orchestrate to insure the project runs smoothly. Each of our projects are assigned a supervisor from start to finish. All of our supervisors have been installing hardscapes for a minimum of 15 years.

Q: How long will the construction take?

A: The time frame really depends on the scope of the project. Generally 1-3 weeks, but an elaborate project can take much longer. We take our time to make sure the construction is done properly the first time. The biggest contributor to delays is central Ohio’s weather.

Q: How big of a company is Two Brothers Brick Paving?

A: Though we are one of Dayton and Columbus Ohio’s largest hardscape companies, being the biggest is not our main focus. We are not interested in building hundreds of projects each year because we believe the quality of work will suffer.

Q: Why do bids from different companies vary so much?

A: There is much more in the price than the size or shape of a project. Unseen factors such as quality of material, craftsmanship, warranties and customer service affect the price greatly. The price is only one of many factors that should be used when selecting a builder.

Q: Everyone tells me they will build the best patio. How can I decide?

A: The most important factor is that you feel comfortable with and can communicate with the company you decide to hire. Has the company listened to you about what you want from your project or are you being sold something off the shelf? How thoroughly have your questions been answered? How long has the company been in business? Has the company successfully completed projects similar to yours? Can the company give you references?

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